I am cisgender. I was born female and identify as female. I was born with a vagina and still have one. According to Queer Dictionary, cisgender is identifying with the gender/sex you were given at birth.

Cisgender is known to be the opposite of transgender, since transgender is identifying as the opposite gender that was given to you at birth. Basically, since gender is a form of self identification and sex describes the reproductive organs you have, cisgender people have a sex and gender that agree. Transgender people have the opposite gender of their sex. This picture below illustrates that.

Cisgender is said to be linked to certain social privileges, since it’s considered the norm. Being cisgender can be a lot easier in public and social situations, like deciding what bathroom to enter and deciding what to write down on health forms. This leads to cisgender folks being “privileged.” Those that have opposing sexes and genders, like transgenders, transexuals, and the-like, deal with ridicule, difficult decisions, and problems with dealing with their gender and sex correlation. Below is a list of 30 different “privileges” of cisgendered people.

The term cisgender can be broken apart to be better understood. It is a very simple term to understand, but many see it as more difficult than it is. Cisgender people are cissexual. Cis means “on the side of” in Latin. Gender means a biological and mental sexual identity.

Unfortunately, as all types of sexual and gender identification face, cisgendered people face discrimination, ridicule, and hate. Transgenders have a catch phrase they use (“Die Cis Scum”) to protest the oppression they face from people who identify as cisgender. This protest is of course harmful to the cisgender community. According to the transgender community, this catch phrase is not meant to cause hate violence or offense, but it does. Below are links, videos, and images that explain and show the effects of this catch phrase.

So you see, everyone faces problems that deal with their sexualities and genders and how others view them because of their identities. No matter if you’re trans, cis, or some other form of gender. What we definitely need to do is focus on why these problems arise and how we can cease problems for all genders.


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